One cannot learn to play a musical instrument or a sport without spending time practicing actual skills and technique.  It would be hard to learn to play the piano or hit a baseball without actually sitting down at a piano to play or swinging a bat at pitched balls.  Likewise, people cannot expect to improve their leadership and teamwork skills without considerable time and energy spent practicing and reflecting on their "games" and how they might improve.

Also like learning to play a sport or instrument, learning leadership involves mastering the understanding of a body of core principles and ideas while simultaneously practicing and developing skills and abilities.

Classes and other program experiences are designed to expose students to the ideas of leadership theory, management theory, organization theory, and organizational behavior and fundamental concepts of economics, marketing, and entrepreneurship.  Other experiences exist for skill development in decision making, planning, creativity, conflict resolution, critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and awareness of individual differences.

The Leadership Studies Program is not a typical "textbook and lecture" program.  Students are challenged to dream big dreams and to develop the skills and understanding necessary to go out and make their dreams into realities.  The confidence gained by participating and succeeding in program activities will help students succeed in the leadership and organizational challenges that they will face in their work and other pursuits after college.







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"Leadership is about accomplishing exceptional and worthwhile things through and with other people.  In the process, it raises the goals, values, aspirations, dignity, and senses of self-worth for all those involved."    - Coleman Patterson  This is a professional website for Coleman Patterson.
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