Too many leadership and management education programs rely almost exclusively on traditional lecture and textbook methods of instruction and ignore opportunities for students to practice and experience the concepts they study in their classes.  We believe that learning occurs best when people make connections to classroom material through direct personal experience.




Our recent Civil Rights Movement Travel Course, done in conjunction with our Psychology and Social Work programs, was one of the most meaningful and memorable courses we've ever offered.  Standing in the places where history happened
helped turn "head" knowledge into "heart" knowledge.



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"Leadership is about accomplishing exceptional and worthwhile things through and with other people.  In the process, it raises the goals, values, aspirations, dignity, and senses of self-worth for all those involved."    - Coleman Patterson  This is a professional website for Coleman Patterson.
It describes the educational opportunities for his students.  To learn more about the program and Hardin-Simmons University, visit the official HSU website.

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